AKRACING Gaming Chair - Röd


Most often it is the office workers and gamers that are the most vulnerable to various health disorders resulting from bad posture. Therefore it is worth finding solutions that will have a positive impact on your health!

The best and most effective option is to offer an ergonomic chair by AKRACING. Prepared with great care and attention to detail ensures quick results. Shaping of the seat makes you feel pleasure and relaxation at any time, and your work or gaming sessions will become even more efficient.

While sitting at a desk you are straining many parts of your body. Not only the spine, but also wrists, neck, shoulders and arms. We know exactly what position the body holds while performing routine duties, so the chair has to be an extension of your spine.

Its appearance gives new forms and ideas of gaming chairs. It resembles the interior of a sports car, and nice and soft material doubles the comfort. Rugged metal construction ensures durability of the chair for many years. What's more, the use of the seat can also be used for watching a great movie, reading and many other actions that it is important for you comfort and relaxation.

  • With a star shaped aluminum chair base that makes the AK Racing chair very stable.
  • Rugged metal construction ensures durability of the chair for many years.
  • Different height adjustment for the seat
  • Tiltable backrest offers a great versitality of positions that ensures great comfort and relaxation positions
  • Adjustable height for the armrests which offers great comfort and best ergonomics for your elbows.
  • Five twin wheel nylon casters makes it easy to move around.
  • To each seat we attached two free cushions: headrests and lower back, which makes this chair even more comfortable

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